Sports Concussion Services

Evaluation, Consultation and Support Services: evaluation, monitoring and management of children and adolescents with concussions (mild traumatic brain injury) and consultation with relevant personnel (i.e. school, sports). We also provide educational information to the community.

Neuropsychological Evaluation – First, we meet with the child and parents to discuss the injury and symptoms.  This is followed by an evaluation of the attention, memory and speed of the concussed child. The battery of tests used is based on the child’s age.  Children over the age of 12 are also administered the ImPACT assessment which is a computerized measure used to evaluate and monitor changes in cognition over time. Test results are reviewed with the child and family, and a treatment plan is established to outline when the child can return to school, sports and other activities. Return visits may be scheduled to monitor recovery until symptoms are no longer present.

Additional Consultation and Support Services – We work closely with athletic personnel, pediatricians, and schools to establish, coordinate and monitor treatment.  Ongoing management of schoolwork and physical activity is critical until the child has fully recovered.  It is important to note that full recovery is defined as no active post-concussive symptoms at rest and with exertion, as well as neurocognitive functioning back to pre-injury baseline level.

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