Sports Concussion


Safe Concussion Outcome Recovery & Education (SCORE) Program



The Sports Concussion (SCORE) Program is directed at evaluating, monitoring and managing the care of children and adolescents with concussions (mild traumatic brain injury). The program consults with physicians regionally and nationally, as well as scholastic and youth recreational sports programs in which children are vulnerable to injury.

  • The program uses specialized state-of-the art testing techniques, including computer assisted technology (ImPACT) sensitive to detecting concussion related symptoms.
  • The SCORE program uses these findings to make recommendations about return to play and work, as well as assisting with the necessary school accommodations.
  • We are actively engaged with the local and regional community.  We work with physicians, public health and school officials, athletic coaches, and parents about concussions through seminars, workshops, in-services, and consultations.  We are available to give talks and workshops on sport concussion related issues.

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