NeuroCognitive Training Programs


What is a Cognitive Training Program?

 This is an individualized cognitive training camp to sharpen the skills needed to be successful in an academic environment. This proactive program helps hone in specific challenges in executive functioning, working memory, processing speed, planning and organization and both verbal and nonverbal reasoning skills focusing on writing. Individual assessments to obtain individual learning profiles are used to tailor individually structured programs delivered in a small group setting.

Who is this program for?

This individualized camp is designed for ages 8+ to address working memory, processing speed, executive functioning, learning and reasoning skills that are presenting barriers to learning and everyday functioning.

What is the program format?

The  program is broken into four parts:


A three-hour individual cognitive evaluation session to develop a personalized cognitive training program.

Weekly Sessions:

Individual, once a week hour long sessions with a neuropsychologist to address specific areas of need.

Convenient location on W 6th Street.

Home Extension:

At home activities and exercises, including memory training completion and continuation of brain exercises at home.

Post Completion Evaluation:

An individually scheduled post evaluation is conducted to assess progress and direct ongoing strategies for continued success.

 What makes it unique?

An individualized program developed by and implemented by neuropsychologist and cognitive rehabilitation specialist.
Hybrid on-campus and home program to optimize learning gains.
State of art cognitive evaluation, learning and testing materials.
Your progress is evaluated at the end of the program with individualized strategies for continued success.

For more information on this program contact

Reshma Naidoo, Neuropsychologist at 512-814-6665