More Detailed Information

Education and Professional Training

  • PhD in Kinesiology, focusing on Growth and Human Development, Michigan State University
  • PhD in School Psychology, focusing on neuropsychology, University of Texas at Austin
  • Internship in neuropsychology and neurocognitive rehabilitation at the NeuroRehabilitation Services of Northern New England in Lewiston, Maine — the only outpatient long-term neurorehabilitation facility in the country at that time
  • Two-year post-doctoral fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology at Miami Children’s Hospital, a top 25 pediatric hospital.  During this time I developed and executed the Neurocognitive Assessment and Intervention Management Program (NAIM) for pediatric brain tumor and cancer survivors

Professional Experience

  • Director of Cognitive Science, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami
  • Private practice (ADD Austin, Austin Neuropsychological Clinic), clinic and hospital based neuropsychology and neurocognitive rehabilitation (WestSide NeuroRehabilitation Services, Miami Children’s Hospital) specializing in a variety of neurocognitive problems not limited to TBI, cancers, epilepsy, sickle cell anemia, learning difficulties, executive functioning disorders, ADHD, and developmental disorders
  • Neuropsychology services for Austin Gifted, Austin Child Guidance Center, Scottish Rite Dyslexia Center and Capitol School of Austin
  • Research on giftedness, nonverbal learning disorders (NVLD), autism spectrum disorders (PDD, Aspergers, Autism), attention deficit hyperactivity (ADD, ADHD)
  • High school teacher and college faculty
  • Curriculum development for school and college programs

Other Experience

  • Coached little league, high school, college and amateur sport (soccer, gymnastics, and track and field)
  • Coached, judged and guided Destination Imagination teams
  • Worked on programs and opportunities for the gifted and talented (Eanes Tag and TAGT)
  • Taught summer school programs for the gifted and talented (Summer Wonders)
  • Educational programs to families, caregivers, service providers, educators, health care workers and the community on the needs of special populations (TBI, ABI, Pediatric Cancers)
  • Collaboration with educators, health care workers, service providers and families in addressing the specific needs and accessing appropriate accommodations for the individual
  • Development and execution of a back to school transition program for pediatric oncology and homebound students
  • Development and administration of a hospital/homebound education program for chronically ill children who have missed significant instruction time
  • Independent Education Evaluation and Independent Medical Evaluations