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Dr. Reshma Naidoo

It took me years of professional and hands-on training to gain the breadth and depth of knowledge needed for this comprehensive neuropsychological and neurorehabilitation center for individuals from birth to adulthood. I blend my expertise in child development, human growth and maturation, education, and neuropsychology in addressing the needs of each individual.  I use a holistic approach in providing the services and needs unique to the developing individual.

   As a parent, former athlete, coach, and educator, I understand the challenges and pressures that we face in making   decisions about school placement, meeting educational needs, and return to school decisions after medical treatment or injury.  My passion, experience and education allows me to understand the challenges facing athletes when they are benched and the pressure to return to play, but realize that this decision has to be based on the neurocognitive health and well being of the individual.

In addition to seeing patients in my practice, I am actively engaged in research and collaborations on the neural plasticity of the developing brain.  I’ve been actively involved in local, regional and national professional organization.  I have been actively involved in the greater Austin community, Talented and Gifted (TAG), Destination Imagination, and Eanes Schools. In my free time I enjoy hiking (am a frequent visitor to Big Bend and can be found around Town Lake on most evenings), the outdoors, cooking, college and high school sport, volunteering at local road races and regattas, and spending time with my family and friends.

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